How to join

History lesson:

The Northerners was formed from the merge between two badass old timer corporations, The Ankou and Enterprise Estonia. Our goal in EvE is to have fun, wreck havok and create tears – wanna tag along? Join our in-game channel “N8RTH Pub” and ask/eve-mail for a recruiter. DO NOT submit an in-game app, or post on this forum beforehand.

Recruitment Team:

Angmar01 (EU)
Elliot Mcelhone (US)

N8RTH Recruiting Process:

  • Convo a recruiter.
  • Send them your full ESI of ALL accounts that you have any sort of access to (No expiry). Also, state who the vouch/es are in convo. You should have their agreement before starting the application process. Wait 48 hours, this could take longer depending on the number of APIs submitted.
  • Create a guest account at (click the Signup button in the top right corner) using your ingame name as your ‘Display Name’. DO NOT USE HOTMAIL OR YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESSES TO REGISTER.
  • Apply on the The Northerners Recruitment Thread only when you’re told to by a recruiter.
  • Wait 48 hours, or maybe longer.
  • Mumble interview or rejected.
  • After Mumble interview wait up to 24 hours.
  • Apply to Corp or rejected.

Membership Requirements:

  • FULL ESI on ALL accounts that you have any sort of access to (No expiry).
  • Working microphone and Mumble.
  • You must be 18 years minimum, and not older then 85.
  • You must have at least one vouch from a member that has been in corp 6 months or more. Your voucher’s membership in corp will be forfeit if you turn out to be a baddie. You can use two vouches if they have each been in corp for 3+ months.
  • Although there is no SP minimum, you should be able to fly at least the following: Logistics at V; at least one T3 Cruiser’s subsystems to V. Own/can afford & fly a FAX preffered on an alt/ second account.
  • Own/can afford & fly a Dread preffered on an alt/ second account (can be the same as the FAX). All capital pilots must have JDC V, T2 siege is a desired bonus.
  • Must show an active killboard within the last 12 months. This isn’t an exact science, therefore each case will be dealt with separately. We don’t rat/pve in the main corp, you’ll need a ‘private’ income or put alts in our alt-corp.
  • Supercarrier/Titan is considered a bonus.